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HellRaisers.CS:GO outplayed E-Frag.net

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HellRaisers [2:0]  E-Frag.net @bo3
(16:14 @cache, 16:9 @overpass)

On the first map, Cache, our team started on the attack side. The first half didn't run easily for HellRaisers — the team wouldn't brace up and take at least one key round. E-Frag.net, on the contrary, showed the excellent understanding of their map. The side switching took place at the score of 12:3. In the second half the initiative was seized by the players of team HellRaisers, who got a real comeback — they came back into the game, having only three points. Closer to the end of the map the Bulgarian five had all chances to stop HellRaisers, but they didn't implement them. And the first map came to HR with the score of 16:14.

The second map was Overpass. HellRaiser started in attack again, but this time the game went much better — HellRaisers would take a round by round without any problems, rapidly increasing their advantage over the rival. The Bulgarian five turned into the game only at the end of the first half — in the 11th round they managed to take the second point, and then the third one. Nevertheless, it didn't make E-Frag.net's situation easier, who had taken only four rounds in the first half. HellRaisers started the first half with a won pistol round, while the Bulgarian team showed their cool-headedness and took another 5 rounds before they lost. 2:0 in HellRaisers' favor.

 Captain of team HellRaisers  Kirill «ANGE1»    Karasiev's comment:

«We've played with a good Bulgarian team. We lost many rounds we could have taken due to the shift of positions, but in general the dynamics is positive, I like!»

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Cheer for HellRaisers!