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oskar answered fans’ questions

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Two weeks ago everyone could ask the sniper of HellRaisers any questions. Tomáš has prepared the answers, and we are ready to publish them. Enjoy reading!

VDikan: Hello, Tomas! What music do you like? How did you study at school and university? And tell me pls, is it hard to combine studing and esport? Good luck, bro! You are the best!
oskar: I can listen to every genre of music if the song has deep sounds and if it seems to be emotional to me, or just rap with good words. 
I graduated with two years delay. I wanted to be the best cs player when I was a teenager, so I just played cs instead of going to school. 
But yes, I have everything and still playing cs with decent skill. School is more important for sure. 

ZoX: How long have you been playing with AWP?
oskar: It's exactly a year, in cs 1.6 I didn't play awp so much, and when csgo came up I stayed with M4 and AK47. After my 2 years break I came back in CS:GO and I was playing mainly with awp. So it's 1 year.

Sokol1337: Do you want to learn the Russian language?
oskar: It could be fine, but I'm too lazy to learn the Russian language. 

endryu: What series are you watching now? What are your favorite ones? Have you ever played  Warcraft III?
oskar: I don't watch series at all. Just some movies when we are travelling. I played Warcraft, Age of Empires, CoD and CoD2. The best games.

1matas1: How long do you practise everyday to retain your skills?
oskar: Not so much, I think I'm talented enough to keep my aim at high level, my reflexes are also good, I hope. So I play FPL games (2-5hours) and prac matches with the team (6 hours).

dennisdenis: Could you make your dreamteam (with you ofc) besides your current teammates?
oskar: oskar, neo, f0rest, SpawN, zet.

tollan741: How did you get so consistent ? What is your main area to improve ? Which player from your country has the most potential, aside from you?
oskar: I don't even know. I just try to keep my head calm and I am always focused and motivated to show best performance and win matches. Sometimes I play being out of my mind, and usually it doesn't work out. From my country? I don't want to answer this because I have no vision, so i don't really know.

Jeliineek: 1) If you look to your first day, when you joined HR, how has the team (overall) changed since then? And what is the biggest change since you joined (except for team-roster changes)? 2) With whom do you have the best relationship in CS:GO? 3) What is your normal day, without training? What do you do in your free-time? 4) What is your training day? How long do you practice as a team and individually and what is your favorite "lesson" or, if you want, part of training? 5) What are your goals right now in CS:GO? I wish you all the best.
oskar: 1) We've improved a lot, I can say we almost know each other's playstyle and everyone knows what to expect from the other one.  2) I can say that we had no problems with neo from Virtus.Pro and sometimes we even talked about something aside from the game. I've been his big fan since 1.6 and he knows about it. I respect all my idols from cs 1.6 and I am glad that I know neo. 3) I work in the garden, help my mom and stepfather. I like to drink beer with friends, I like grills. I like playing tennis and badminton. Also I love relaxing with PS4. 4) My training is very simple: I play FPL for a few hours, then practice with the team. When I see that I miss a lot of shots, I play DM for at least 30 minutes. It's like 8-9 hours with cs almost every day. 5) My goal was to win some international event, and it happened in CPH Games. I want to go to a major this years, that's my next goal. My other goal will be to become the best player in the world. 

King: 1) What is the current state of esports? 2) What do you like, or dislike about the Esport fan base? 3) Given the choice, would you rather be a professional gamer or a professional athlete? Why? 4)  What is your favourite social media platform to connect with your audience? Why? 5) Do you feel like you need to be responsible when talking to social media, or do you feel like you can be yourself?  6) In a few sentences, can you tell me what being a professional gamer means to you?  7) What future do you see Esports having?
oskar: 1) It's just the beginning of something big, I think. 2) I don't like international fights between the fan bases and I'm fond of real crowds and really nice guys which can boost your mood with nice words about your career. 3) If I could choose, I would rather be a professional athlete. I'd been playing ice-hockey for 10 years, then I broke my ankle twice and I decided not to try it again. But yes, i would stick with ice hockey if I could. 4) I've been using facebook since I started to be famous in Сzech, I also started a twitter and also you can see my streams, on which I try to talk with my fans and answer their questions. It's a fast way to know something about me. 5) I'm trying to be just whom I was 10 years ago. I'm a calm person, not acting like a hero or superstar and I don't like to be forced to some things which I really don't want to do at the moment. If it happens, I'm a really mad person. 😀 6) For me this is like to be someone kids want to become, to be their idol. Be good to people, help them if you can. And do your best in order not to fail your fan base.7) I really hope for a big future, I want esport to become sport number one.

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