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HellRaisers Faces of Team: Patrik «Zero» Žúdel

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Although in his 17 years our hero is one of the leading players of Slovakia, you hardly know him, so we've prepared for you an article, in which Patrik has told about himself almost everything!

Please meet, Zero!

Patrik was born in a small Slovak town of Rožňava, which is located in Slovak Ore Mountains and traces its root in 1291.

«I was a pretty shy kid at first, but later at school I got pretty popular and liked interacting with others. I was pretty talkative and always had good grades. I like to study about all sorts of things, when I am not playing or watching CS. I love astronomy, physics, cats and just to know all sorts of random things I can spark a conversation with».

At the moment Patrik is in his second year at the Billingual Bussiness high school. Patrik has an older brother, who promoted a love of professional CS to him.

«My brother played CS competitively in our country, and he was on one of the best teams, so I always looked up to him and wanted to do it, as well. I saw them have LAN parties, make tactics on printed paper maps and it just looked fun. I was around 6 years old back then, and that was my first contact with CS, I just saw my brother play».

At this time Patrik's family owned a computer club, and a few years later, when he got his first personal computer, the first thing he did was install CS. He mostly played Surf maps, which, however, gave him understanding of such a loved by him game:

«All I did was just run between my school, the cafe and home, in two of which I played CS most of the day».

After a while, the family had to close their internet club, and Patrik being interested in other games, almost stopped playing CS. However, in 2011 our hero got back into CS, but this time into CS: Source.

«At Christmas dinner (2011) my brother asked me to play some 1.6 with him, so I did, and it kind of got to me again, after that day I started playing it more and more and discovered some leagues in which I competed together with my brother. I loved playing competitively. Soon I built a name in the league and started winning some small online tournaments».

Patrik's path towards esport began when he was 13 years old, and the young talent faced some difficulties:

«It took me maybe half a year to get into the best team in that league, but everyone thought I was cheating because of to my age (I was around 13 at that time), so I had to stand a lot of trashtalking all the time. As it was 2012 CS:GO was supposed to come out around the time of my 14th birthday, and I had a friend from my team, who was also very young and with whom I started playing CS:GO a lot. After winning the play-offs of the most popular online league in our country at age 14 we moved to CS:GO».

Having built a team, Zero and his teammates started beating the best teams of Slovakia. Patrik's gaming style was inspired by such people as GuardiaN and oskar, who at the time played on team myDGB. As for queztone, our hero met him, when he was playing for the second team of Slovakia, Necroraisers (a quite interesting parallel).

«They all thought I was cheating, which was great. Time went by and I got in contact with some players, who found out I was actually a pretty chill kid, who wasn't cocky and just liked the game and wanted to compete. I got an invitation into my first LAN,  but I couldn't attend it because I didn't make a passport in time».

At that time Patrik started to be called an onliner and cheater. Zero even stopped playing for some time because of that. A little later he came back and got an invitation to another LAN, which Patrik did attend. The two best teams of that time were in the participant list  eSuba and nEophyte.

«That was my chance. That was the first time I met STYKO, we had talked online before, so we kind of knew each other and started talking instantly. We became friends really quickly. and I spent the whole event hanging out with him and queztone, as well. It was amazing to see them actually accept me, even though I was so much younger than them. My team lost in the quarter-finals and STYKO's eSuba ended up on the second place».

Having come home, Zero got a message from STYKO saying the guys from eSuba wanted him to play with them.

«THAT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING! The best team in my country wants to pick me up?! WOOOOHOO! I ran to my mom and told her all about it. Actually it was a quite significant change on the scene, the two finalists of the tournament I was in were merging into one team + they wanted to pick me up. We basically won all of our local tournaments that year, and we wanted to try an international LAN. We went to Copenhagen games and lost in quite a significant manner. After that we knew we had to make a change, and we changed 2 players. We picked up queztone and oskar and instantly saw huge improvements».

It started a new era of Slovakia's esports history. Patrik and his teammates were able to compete with the top ten teams of the world and would even win them often. Victories at online tournaments helped the team build a name, but some problems appeared, too: the players of the team couldn't find enough time for practicing.

«We always had good periods, when we practiced. and had periods, when we just didn't play enough and, consequently, had bad results. We had to split with our organization because they weren't fulfilling their promises, and that was the time oskar and styko got an offer from HR. It was a pretty big hit for us, but we understood and wished them good luck. I quit the team, as well because I wanted to focus on improving myself, so if a chance showed up one day I would be able to seize it».

At the time Zero was streaming a lot. Thus, one day he got in contact with Gabesson from REVOLTE!, who offered our hero to play for his team.

«I liked the guy, so I agreed, I think at that point my hunger to play competitively again was so big that I just couldn't say no. We qualified for the ESL South-East Europe Championship and won it 2-0 over E-Frag. Me and my teammates played great, and that was just the best feeling in the world, I hadn't even imagined winning such an event over e-frag at the time. After a while oskar contacted me and told that HR wanted to try me out, after 2 years I felt the same feeling as when I was 15 and styko told me the same thing, I instantly called my mom and told her all about it, again. Of course, I agreed and you already know the rest».

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In-game moments with Patrik «Zero» Žúdel:

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