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HellRaisers.WoT went on winning streak

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 HellRaisers [3:1]  Nice1 @bo5
(1:1 @Mines, 2:0 @Cliff)

The first map was Mines, and HellRaisers started in defense. The HellRaisers players decided not to take a risk and played starting out from the positions. The decision turned out to be right — the entire roster of Nice1 came to the guns of HellRaisers and rather rapidly was sent to the garage. In attack HR decided to take the hill, but the tanks of Nice1 turned out to be faster. Having found themselves in a disadvantageous position, HellRaisers tried to fight back, but it all was ineffective. 1:1.

The game on Cliff was rapid as usual — both teams rushed to the middle of the map, where the massive fight took place. Both times our players came out victorious from the fire-fights. The final score of the map is 2:0, and it meant HellRaisers would reach the next round.

 HellRaisers [3:0]  Bloodymoon @bo5

(2:0 @Prokhorovka, 1:0 @Himmelsdorf)

Prokhorovka, the first fight. HellRaisers started in attack and after a while after returned to their positions and got engaged in the fire-fight in the middle of the map. The opponent had artillery in his armory, which was an unpleasant surprise for the players of our team. Nevertheless, the shots exchange ended in our team's favor, and the survivors came to finish off the artillery. The defense side ran fast and painless — the tanks of Bloodymoon would come onto the tanks of HR, who had already taken their positions. The outcome of such an idea was kind of unpredictable — the second point for HellRaisers. 

HellRaisers started the second map on the attack side. The game turned out to be quite long, the teams were splitting up on the map for almost five minutes, and only after that HR's attack started. The Bloodymoon players weren't ready for the simultaneous attack from a few sides and started to lose the tanks ony-by-one. The final score of the meeting is 3:0, a confident for HellRaisers.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!