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Changes in HellRaisers. WoT

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Today, on 13 April, Maksim «Monti» Mikheev, who together with our team won two large tournaments such as The Grand Finals 2015 and WCA 2015 leaves the ranks of HellRaisers. The last tournament of this player under the banners of our organization was recent The Grand Finals 2016, in which HellRaisers took the second place, having lost in the final to team Natus Vincere with the score of 6:7 in the series. Maksim has been on the team for quite a long period of time and proved to the entire world that he's one of the best players in professional World of Tanks.

His place will be taken by well-known Vladimir «DYADOR» Drutskiy, who left the team on 15 October 2015 due to some disagreement. At the moment the players' relationship is settled down, and they are ready for new victories together with Vladimir, since he was the member with whom HellRaisers took the first place at The Grand Finals 2015. We want to say thank you to Maksim for all time, he's spent in our organization and also wish him a further success in his esports career!

 Former player of team HellRaisers  Maksim «Monti»  Mikheev:

«It was an excellent year, and it was cool to win with you. It's a pity that it happened this way, but, as they say, the things work out for the best. Thanks to the guys, I wish the new roster success and big victories».


HellRaisers. World of Tanks' lineup:

  •  Vladislav «Neskwi» Kanaev
  •  Aleksei «Nuclear» Morozov 
  •  Yury «applewow» Ilin
  •  Aleksei «Near_You» Kuchkin
  •  Andrei «lolwo» Dzenisenka
  •  Evgenii «Grifon» Voitenko
  •  Vladimir «DYADOR» Drutskiy

The updated roster of HellRaisers might be seen in action today at tournament Razer Arena Pro series 7×7.

Cheer for HellRaisers!