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Easy victory for HellRaisers.WoT

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HellRaisers [3:0] No Name Team @bo5
(2:0 @Ruinberg, 1:0 @Steppes)

The first map was Ruinberg, on which HellRaisers started in attack. The rival laid wait for the opponent at the first base, but the outcome of this meeting was read by HellRaisers, who without any losses destroyed the rival, having caught him shifting. The defense ran rather rapidly — the players of No Name Team decided to play aggressively, but didn't manage to catch the enemy at a weak moment — 2:0. On Steppes HellRaisers started in defense, and NTT decided to strike with the whole scope. This move was noticed in time, and the attack failed. A confident victory for HellRaisers. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!