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HellRaisers.WoT are vice world champions

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 HellRaisers [6:7] Natus Vincere @bo13
(2:0 @Ghost Town, 0:2 @Himmelsdorf, 0:2 @Mines, 2:0 @Ruinberg, 1:1 @Cliff, 1:1 @Steppes, 0:1)

The long-awaited grand final finally happened. On either side there were essential rivals. One is defending his title, the other is the strongest challenger. The first map was Ghost Town. Both teams had known this map very well, but HR had had a few tricks in the sleeve. Firstly the attack of Na'Vi crashed into the unbreakable defense of HellRaisers, and then HR, as a knife through butter, broke through Natus Vincere's defense. 2:0.

Himmelsdorf, one of the strongest maps of our team, was the second in turn. HR started in attack and happened to meet with a very strong defense of the rival. Natus Vincere implemented their positions to the full and almost without losses took the first point in this battle. HR's defense, however, was read by the rival — Na`Vi skilfully seized the initiative and gradually did away with the tanks of HellRaisers. 2:2.

The entire Cliff map was remembered by a bloody and chaotic fight in the center of the map. Both in attack and defense HR were eager to shoot the enemy at the mountain, but Natus Vincere would always answer with the same will. Unfortunately, the armor of Na'Vi turned out to be stronger, and the guns bigger, since Natus Vincere were the ones to take two points in this map, having taken the lead in the game.

The attack of HellRaisers on Ruinberg was being within a hair's breadth of the failure during the entire round — fire-fights and exchanges rapidly thinned out the ranks of both teams, and everything was to be decided in more like a duel, in which HellRaisers' nerves turned out to be stronger. The defense side ran much more calmly — not making any mistakes, HR rather easily did away with the tanks of the rival and leveled the score. 4:4.

The first Cliff of this meeting was remembered by two very close rounds. The teams exchanged the points, but both of them did understand that a victory on this map would lead to a match-point. Despite such a high price of the loss, the players weren't afraid to play an all-or-nothing game and presented a few highlights to the viewers.

Steppes. An uneasy map for both sides. HellRaisers started in defense and surprised a lot of viewers, not having taken a single round in the first half. On behalf of Natus Vincere there were a lot of equipment, but HR themselves had more durability; eventually, the damage outweighed the armor. Nevertheless, HellRaisers managed to surprise everyone again and demonstrated the almost flawless attack, which brought our team the sixth point.

Cliff was played on tiebreakers . This map will sink into the mind of both teams' fans, since everything was to be decided on it, and, which is even more pity, needless accident decided everything. Having got into a 2 against 1 situation, one of HellRaisers' tanks stuck into a mountain and didn't manage to get out from it. It decided the outcome of the fight. 7:6 in Natus Vincere's favor, and HellRaisers become the silver medalists of the tournament.

A coverage of The Grand Finals 2016 is available here.

 Manager of team HellRaisers  Yury «YR» Bukharov's comment:

«It was a truly spectacular match, good enough to be played in the final of The Grand Finals 2016. It's a pity, of course, to lose due to some gaps of the map, but Natus Vincere were in good shape themselves and, as well as we, deserved to be the champions. We did everything we were able to. I hope that our fans understand that and will forgive us for not taking the championship.»



Cheer for HellRaisers!