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HellRaisers.WoT left NSS behind

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 HellRaisers [5:3]  NSS @bo9
(2:0 @Ruinberg, 1:1 @Ghost Town, 1:1 @Mines, 1:1 @Cliff)

Ruinberg turned out to be rather interesting. Both sides were kind of unclear — the beginning was rough and full of rapid attacks, though it was followed by an instantaneous drop of the game's tempo. Only the tanks coming from backside would make some action on the map — HR would send the played on the wings again, and thus would get the advantage by positioning. There's nothing to say about HellRaisers' defense — it was calm and quality. HR's tanks took needed positions and without some special efforts draged out the fight.

Ghost Town started with a very brace move by HR — three of HellRaisers having seen a heavy setup of the enemy, came into capturing the base, and the rival simply didn't manage to defend it. An answer by NSS was just crazy. HellRaisers made an ambush, but with a mistake, which turned out to be lethal. 3:1.

On Mines NSS risked and took the artillery again, but this time the idea fell on the authors' face. Knowing about almost a minute reloading of such a heavy machine, HR waited for a miss and only for 40 seconds managed to seized the control over the map. A responsive aggression by NSS wasn't long in coming — literally in the first fight of the second half a successful shot by the players of this team exploded the ammunition load of one of HR's tanks. Having the advantage in weapons, NSS rather easily took a point on this map.

Cliff was the last one of the semi-final — NSS smartly took the first half, having shown an excellent knowledge of the map, though HR answered the same in the second half. The high point of the match was the middle of the second half, when having found themselves in equal situations, the teams had to play flawlessly. Right positions by HR and misses by NSS did its work — 5:3, and HellRaisers are ready to fight for the champion title.

A coverage of The Grand Finals 2016 is available here.

 Manager of team HellRaisers  Yury «YR» Bukharov's comment:

«We've managed to recover ourselves after the match with Tornado.RoX, which we carried to the tiebreak. We could have ended it much faster, but anyway 5:3 is a good result, too. There's the final now, and it means we need to start to preparing!»



Cheer for HellRaisers!