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HellRaisers.WoT did away with Tornado.ROX

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 HellRaisers [5:4]  Tornado.ROX @bo9
1:1 @Himmelsdorf, 2:0 @Cliff, 0:2 @Steppes, 1:1 @Mines, 1:0 @Prokhorovka)

The first map was Himmelsdorf, where HellRaisers started in defense. Tornado.RoX showed a good attack and carried out almost a perfect first round. The defense of HellRaisers seemed good, but sometimes would underact. It was much more interesting to watch their attack though, since there was one of the most spectacular rounds on Himmelsdorf during this season. Having started rather calmly, the second half turned into the real massacre. After the guns had gone silent, on the map there were only 5 tanks left — 3 ones of HellRaisers, who immediately came into capture, and 2 of Tornado.RoX, who were forced to fight back. The result was predictable, HR leveled the score on the first map.

The intensity of emotions didn't drop on Cliff. HR started in attack and faced a very strong defense of the rival — they didn't manage to take all positions at once. Nevertheless, the way out was to cut behind the enemy, which the HellRaisers players did perform. Having found themselves between a rock and a hard place, Tornado.RoX rapidly lost the initiative. The defense of HR seemed more like the attack side — HellRaisers broke in the middle of the map, and a violent fire-fight began, from which HR came out victorious.

On Steppes Tornado.RoX felt more than good — they took both sides. However, we should mark the game of HellRaisers', too, who didn't show any prepared rounds — both defense and attack followed a quite common scenario. It looked as though the guys didn't want to show their strategies before the final.

The Mines map has been always thought to be a fast one, but when it is being played by essential rivals its speed increases beyond all bounds. In the first half Tornado.RoX pulled a fast one on the enemy, having closed most part of HR's tanks on the water. Thanks to this they managed to destroyed from backside three tanks of HellRaisers at once, who didn't comeback into the game after that. It is interesting how in the second half HR used the same trick — this time the tanks of Tornado.RoX got taken in the attack by HellRaisers and made a fire-fight on the hill, where HR were ready to meet the rival.

Prokhorovka, HR started in defense. The round started with showing up of Tornado.RoX's three tanks at once. Having read positions of the rival, HellRaisers sent two tanks to start shooting at the rival from backside. Literally a minute later all players of Tornado.RoX had to returned to the garage. A difficult, but sweet victory for HellRaisers.

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 Manager of team HellRaisers  Yury «YR» Bukharov's comment:

«The match turned out to be quite hot and spectacular. We let the rival win back, but, eventually, managed to push the matter through on Prokhorovka. Onwards we have the semi-final, where we will try not to make the same mistakes and please our fans».



Cheer for HellRaisers!