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HellRaisers.CS:GO lost to mouz

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 HellRaisers [3:2]  mouz @bo5
(16:14 @cobblestone, 17:19 @cache, 16:11 @inferno, 8:16 @dust2, 9:16 de_train)

The first map was HellRaisers' pick, Cobblestone. Having started in defense, HR showed an excellent play and rather easily beat the target by taken rounds — by the side switching the team had managed to win 13 rounds in a row. Nevertheless, the German defense wasn't worse than HellRaisers' at all, who wrested the victory from the rival's grasp thanks to the pressure and some kind of boldness. In key moments, the HR players were risking, and it fully paid out. 16:14 is the result of the first map, which didn't turn out to be easy for either of the teams.

The second map was Cache, which is thought to be rather a difficult map for HellRaisers. Our team only recently played this map, on which they didn't manage to cope with the comeback, so there were reasons to get worried today, too. HellRaisers started in attack and carried out a quite successful first half — they managed to take 11 rounds, though mousesports were aimed to fight till the end, too. After the side switching the German team rapidly started to close the score gap, and, after a short while, the teams found themselves in almost equal situations. The key moment was a 2 vs 1 clutch, in which our guys didn't cope with the enemy, thanks to which the additional rounds began, where mouz turned out to be stronger.

Inferno was the third map of this match. HellRaisers started in defense again, and as contrasted with Cobblestone, it didn't reach such a striking result. The first half ended with a neutral score, which with both teams were happy — 10:5 in HR's favor. The second half turned out to be more dynamic and interesting — both teams would take a risk and try to seize the initiative. Eventually, HellRaisers were the ones, who were stronger — 16:11.

Dust 2 started with the attack side for our team. There the teams seemed to have been changed as contrasted with Inferno. The defense of mousesports was far away from perfect, but let them take 10 rounds, which cannot be called a bad result for this map at all. The defense side didn't run well for HR though — they didn't manage to take a single key round, and, as a result, the map ended with the score of 16:8 in the German team's favor.

The last map was Train. Our guys started in attack and didn't perform in their best way — they managed to take only three rounds, which is an extremely bad result. Due to this they actually lost the right for a mistake in the second half. The last pistol round of this match made the team's fan worry — HellRaisers lost that important round and from that moment on had to play every following round flawlessly. They would manage to do this for quite a long time, but it wasn't enough for a comeback. 16:9 in mousesports' favor, who came out victorious from this meeting.

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