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HellRaisers.WoT to compete with Tornado.RoX

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 HellRaisers vs ​​ Tornado.RoX — 09.04, 12:20 CET @bo9

 HellRaisers: Neskwi, Near_You, lolwo, Monti, Nuclear, Grifon, applewow
 Tornado.RoX: Armageddon, DYADOR, FC_DYNAMO, Lucique, MY1945YEAR, Positivve, _SHCIPER, TheAnnihilyator, Vors9n

Our team got out from its group, taking the second place, so in the 1/4 stage of the play-off we will have a meeting with Tornado.RoX, the winners of the D group. Our opponent took the second place at WGL EU, so HellRaisers should take the upcoming match as serious as possible. Our squad hasn't met this roster of RoX yet, so our guys will need to find an approach to this rival for the first time. The match will take place at the tournament zone at 12:20 CET, so we will wait for you on the stream — Saturday must be really interesting, and our guys need your support, as always!

A coverage of The Grand Finals 2016 is available here.

Cheer for HellRaisers!