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HellRaisers.WoT lost to Natus Vincere

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 HellRaisers [3:5]  Natus Vincere @bo9
(1:1 @
Ruinberg, 1:1 @Mines, 0:2 @Himmelsdorf, 1:1 @Ghost Town)

The first map was Ruinberg. Our team started in attack, and it all started rather aggressively, but Natus Vincere had been ready for such a pressure and had built a very solid and passive defense, which let them defeat the attack of HR rather easily. HellRaisers' defense was much more interesting than the one of Na'Vi — our five wouldn't stay still and, having got control over the map, defeated the rival. 1:1.

On Mines there was a similar situation. HR started in defense and decided to surprise the rival with the rush, but the luck was on the side of Na`Vi at that time, who being literally by a hair's breadth of the loss, managed to comeback into the game and take another point. The attack of HellRaisers was blistering, but well-thought-out, they rather rapidly took all key positions and pushed Na`Vi out of this battle. The draw occurred again.

The third map was Himmelsdorf. There Natus Vincere used a trick — they had placed one of the tanks on the board, thus having started the capture of the base. Nevertheless, the fate of the round was to be decided on «the Hill». HellRaisers didn't manage to outshoot the rival, and Natus Vincere took the lead again. The attack of HR was kind of classical, so Na'Vi were perfectly ready to meet it. A few successful decisions let Natus Vincere seize the initiative and earn one more point for themselves.

The fate of the match was decided in Ghost Town. HR started in defense and again they didn't look for a rival, but started fighting themselves. Natus Vincere decided to play with the shifting strategy, and they paid heavy price for that — the tanks of HellRaisers easily outshooted the enemies. The last episode was the attack by HellRaisers. The team decided to play more calmly and not to kick against the pricks. Natus Vincere chose right positions and at fights managed to get the decisive advantage. The final score is 5:3 in Natus Vincere's favor, while HellRaisers are getting ready for the Chinese team, which will start in a few hours.

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 Manager of team HellRaisers  Yury «YR» Bukharov's comment:

«Unfortunately, we didn't manage to win the first map against Natus Vincere due to some mistakes. Himmelsdorf ended with another score though, as we had planned. However, we'll have one more match soon, it will be against the Chinese team. There we'll try to win back. Thanks for your support».



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Cheer for HellRaisers!