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HellRaisers.CS:GO gaming evening results

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  AGG @bo2
(16:9 @cobblestone, 16:13 @inferno)

The first map started with a short round exchange. Starting from the score of 2:2, HellRaisers began to gain momentum rather fast and after a short while our team having got an excellent series of winning rounds, found themselves being well ahead of the rival. The Polish five had found strength to take two more rounds only by the end of the first half. HellRaisers switched to the defense side, having the advantage of 11:4. In the second half, AGG got a small comeback, but their power ran out quite fast — after not the best beginning in defense, HellRaisers found a strategy for the opponent's attack and took the needed rounds to end the game. The final score of the first map is 16:9.

The defense on Inferno didn't run smoothly for our boys — AGG felt confident in attack and didn't let HR brace up to build up a defense. In the first half HellRaisers managed to take only four rounds, and it meant that in the second one mistakes wouldn't be allowed at all. In attack HR played way better — after the lost pistol round, they forced their style of the game, then started to take a round by round and, eventually, ended up with a temporary draw with the score of 12:12. Nevertheless, HellRaisers didn't stop on that and finished off the rival  — 16:13.

 HellRaisers [2:0]  CSGL @bo3
(16:5 @mirage, 16:6 @dust2)

On the first map HellRaisers started in defense and showed a very good map control . The game ran rather equally, without some sharp changes, but with the constant advantage of HR — the side switching was carried out with the neutral score of 10:5 in HellRaisers' favor. However, in attack HR came in full force, having taken six rounds in a row and ended the map with the score of 16:5.

The next map of this match day was Dust 2. This time HellRaisers started in attack, but it didn't prevent them from taking 10 rounds in the first half and from showing their advantage over the rival on this map in general. After the side switching the situation reminded the second half of map Mirage — HellRaisers were showing not only a good map control, but demonstrating a few excellent retakes. 16:6 is the outcome of this map.

 HellRaisers [0:2]  dignitas @bo3
(17:19 @cache, 9:16 @inferno)

In the last match of this evening our five faced off against the Danes from dignitas. The first map was Cache, on which HR started in attack. HellRaisers played the first half more than well, having taken 11 rounds and shown readiness to play on the rival's pick. However, the defense didn't run that smoothly for our guys. As a result, we got the score of 15:15 and additional rounds, in which the Danes turned out to be stronger. The final score of the map is 19:17 in dignitas' favor.

The last map was Inferno. Our team started in defense, but didn't manage to build a strong one. The entire first half was full of points exchange and quite shaky situation of both teams. The teams switched the sides at the score of 8:7 in HR's favor. The attack of HR turned out to be not ready to cope with the Danes' defense — dignitas skilfully acted on decisive positions, while HellRaisers themselves often were just about to take a round, but wouldn't make it. The final score of the second map is 16:9 in dignitas' favor.


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