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HellRaisers.WoT are invited to The Grand Finals 2016

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Today the organizers of the grand World of Tanks tournament have announced the last participants of the championship, they are Kazna Kru, Red Canids and HellRaisers. The drawing took place on 18 March, following the result of which the team, that got an invitation from the organizers in the CIS region, made it into the C group, where there had already been such team as Natus Vincere and GOLD BASS.

Group А Group B Group C Group D
 ELong  Wombats  Natus Vincere  Eclipse
 Yato Gaming  SIMP  GOLD BASS  Kazna Kru
 NSS  Red Canids  HellRaisers  Tornado.RoX


The system of the tournament doesn't differ from the last years one. We will have battles in groups in the Round-Robin system with a bo9 match format. Only two teams out of three will advance to the play-off, where they will continue the fight in the single-elimination bracket. In the final stage of the tournament the meetings will use a bo9 format, too, though the decider will please us with even more spectacular fights, since it will be played in bo13.

12 best teams of the world will compete for the prize fund of $300,000  in the arena called Torwar Hall, which is located in Warsaw, Poland. It's noteworthy that the most awaited World of Tanks tournament of the year will be running from 8-9 April, and it means that today it is time to schedule your time so that you should not miss matches of the favorite teams!

You can find more information about the tournament on our website and social networks prior to its beginning.

Cheer for HellRaisers!