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Prior to Copenhagen Games 2016: Main rivals of HellRaisers

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A week ago we announced that HellRaisers would go to the tournament called Copenhagen Games 2016. The tournament itself will run from March 23-26. Today we will tell you about the teams that are the most dangerous rivals for HellRaisers at this competition.

Let us recall that 8 teams in total have been invited to this tournament, among which there are ALTERNATE aTTaX, Copenhagen Wolves, Team Dignitas, E-Frag.net Esports Club, ENCE eSports, SK Gaming, RCTIC eSports and, of course, HellRaisers. They will be joined by 8 more teams, that will reach the tournament through the BYOC qualifier. 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4, in which they will play in the common GSL system with a best-of-one match format. Two best teams from each group will advance to the play-off stage, but there they will have to fight in the best-of-three format. Let's see, then, who is the most dangerous rival for ANGE1 and Co.!

 Team Dignitas

Current roster:

  •  MSL
  •  Kjaerbye
  •  tenzki
  •  k0nfig


The first team in our list is Team Dignitas, the four players of which represent the country, in which this tournament will take place. Under the tag the team has played 378 official matches with the total winrate of 60%. In February of this year the guys from Team Dignitas played 19 official matches, 10 of which didn't end in their favor, and in this month they took part in 19 meetings, having ended up with the 58% ratio. At the moment this five is taking the 8th place in the rating of the best teams of the world according to portal gosugamers. It's noteworthy that since RUBINO and k0nfig joined the team, their results have improved, which let them settle in the top ten. The last achievements of Team Dignitas are the 4th place at ESL Expo Bercelona, 2nd place at Global eSports Cup and 3-4 places at DreamHack Leipzig 2016.

As for face-to-face meetings between HellRaisers and Team Dignitas, the situation here isn't pleasant for our guys: during the last 9 games HellRaisers won only once and ended one game in a draw. This statistics can be smoothed out a bit by the fast that the oldest match of this list took place on 1 August of 2015. The freshest ones are the meetings at the qualifiers for DH Open Leipzig 2016 and DH Masters Malmö 2016, which were played in 2016. This way or another, but HellRaisers have to get ready for Team Dignitas to give a fight at the upcoming competition!

 SK Gaming

Current roster:

  •  AcilioN
  •  Friis
  •  Magiskb0Y
  •  Pimp

The next team is SK Gaming. Although these guys can't boast of the same results these days, they shouldn't be written off either. 160 official matches were played under this tag, 78 of which ended in the team's favor and 5 ones ended in a draw. In this month SK Gaming pleased us with participation in 24 official meetings, though they came out victorious only in 9 ones. The current position of the team in the world rating according to gosugamers is 19.

The last match between our team and SK Gaming ran on 19 November of 2015 within tournament Acer Predator Masers. This meeting ended in HellRaisers' favor with a score of 2:0 in the series, but at that time kUcheR and schneider played on the team. After that the teams have not met each other yet, but the quite old statistics is rather positive. On the other hand, there is no reason to analyze the history of such old meetings, since the rosters were absolutely different. It's important to understand that the venue of the event may help the guys from this squad, so HellRaisers must be ready for that.


Current roster:

  •  v1c7oR
  •  nkl
  •  bubble
  •  dream3R
  •  spyleadeR

Our list is finished by the Bulgarian team called E-Frag.net. During its CS:GO career this squad has won 74 matches, 14 of which ended in a draw, and lost 48 games. 12 official matches were played in March with the total winrate of 50%. The Bulgarians take the 24th position in the world rating accoring to portal gosugamers.

6 official meetings in general were played between the teams, 4 of which ended in HellRaisers' favor, one more ended with a score of 1:1, and only one fight was lost by HellRaisers. In 2016 we managed to see this strife two times, and both games ended in our guys' favor. The last match, by the way, ran in the final of the offline qualifiers for PGL Minor Championship: Europe, where ANGE1 and Co. got a victory with a score of 2:1 in the series. And if the teams meet each other within Copenhagen Games 2016, we will have a really spectacular match!

 Captain of team HellRaisers  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev's comment:

«1) E-Frag.net. The expirience of our meetings doesn't allow to call this team an uncomfortable rival, but their agrressive style of playing always puts teams in a uncomfortable situation. I hope that we will manage to win all pistol rounds in the battle with these guys, and after that all 4-5 force-buy ones, too.

2) SK Gaming. We rarely meet them at the tournament, so it's hard to say anything about them. The Danes show themselves in a good way in the online games and seem rather week in the offline ones. I hope they will play this tournament in this, common for them, style. 🙂

3) Team Dignitas. These days the games against this team don't go well for us. They've been playing on this roster for a long time and big expirience of the game on some maps usually would become an unbrekable obtacle in most qualifiers. We will look into our last fights and will see which of our mistakes they used against us and will try not to repeat them again»

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Cheer for HellRaisers!