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HellRaisers.CS:GO celebrate victory

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  ALTERNATE aTTaX @bo3
(16:10 @overpass, 16:11 @cobblestone)

On the first map the battle was kind of mixed — at the start of the game the teams were exchanging the rounds and came to a 4:4 score, after which HellRaisers took a winning streak, that lasted until the end of the first half and even after the side switching. The German team pulled themselves together and at the end of the map decided to try to make a comeback, but the attempt wasn't successful. Although it wasn't easy, HellRaisers won their pick.

The second map was similar to the first one in a lot of ways — the teams exchanged the rounds at the start of the game again, and HellRaisers seized the initiative, too, which was later implemented into the good advantage — the side switching ran with HellRaisers' advantage of seven rounds. In the second half ALTERNATE aTTaX torrentially closed the gap, but HR didn't let the rival gain the speed and took the needed points. 2:0 and HellRaisers advanced to the final.

 HellRaisers [2:1]  Ancient @bo3
(13:16 @overpass, 16:5 @cobblestone, 16:9 @inferno)

The first map wasn't very fortunate for HellRaisers — the team started on the defense side and played quite weakly. A few rounds were failed literally due to some small mistakes, which the Swedish team used to the full. Nevertheless, by the side switching HR had taken six rounds, which gave them a good fund for the game in the second half. The attack of HellRaisers turned out to be a little bit stronger, but it didn't save the situation — both teams took seven rounds in the second half, and it meant that the victory on the first map would come into the hands of team Ancient.

On the second map, which was the Swedish five's pick, HellRaisers surely got the second breath. Having started on the defense side again, HellRaisers created an unbreakable defense — Ancient took three rounds in attack with great difficulty. All HR had to do was to finish off the rival in the second half. Having taken the defense side, Ancient tried to force the fight and even took a few rounds, but HellRaisers had been already unstoppable — 16:5 on the rival's pick.

Inferno was the decisive map. HellRaisers started in defense again, and, it seemed at though ANGE1 and Co. had been completely ready for that — in the first half our five took fourteenth rounds and, basically, guaranteed themselves a victory in that match. After the side switching Ancient braced up and got a mini comeback, having taken eight rounds, but HellRaisers did not let it happen and, having taken a couple of rounds, ended the match with their victory.

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 Coach of team HellRaisers  Sergey «LMBT»    Bezhanov's comment:

«We've made it into the second stage, and we are very happy about that, since we simply didn't have time for another qualifier. Unfortunately, we threw Overpass due to a couple of stupid mistakes, but in general we looked good. Thanks to everyone, who supported us».


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Cheer for HellRaisers!