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Excellent evening for HellRaisers.CS:GO

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  ALTERNATE aTTaX @bo3
(16:12 @cobblestone, 16:13 @overpass)

The first map was Cobblestone, the German team's pick. HellRaisers started on the attack side and demonstrated an excellent game, having taken a needed number of rounds. ALTERNATE aTTaX, playing their map, were making mistakes quite often, and those mistakes were not forgiven — indeed, the team was brutally punished with round exchanges. The side switching ran with the minimum advantage of the German team. In defense, though, HellRaisers showed an excellent map control and understanding of the rival's play — not a single round taken by ALTERNATE aTTaX was key, so that's why the German five wouldn't gain the speed. The final score of the first map is16:12 in HR's favor. 

Strange as it may seem, but on their own pick, Overpass, HellRaisers' game did not run smoothly as it did on the first map. In attack HellRaisers were doing literally everything they wanted and managed to come to the side switching, having 11 round advantage, but a few mistakes by HR did help ALTERNATE aTTaX to return into the game a little bit and brought them a hope for a comeback. The side switching ran with a score of 9:6 in HellRaisers' favor. The defense of our team turned out to be not that solid —  ALTERNATE aTTaX were finding gaps in our defense and were gradually closing the gap between the teams. Nevertheless, our five did pull themselves together and beat the rival with a score of 2:0.

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 HellRaisers [16:12]  KILLERFISH eSport @dust2

At ESEA Season 21: Premier Division HellRaisers took the top places a long ago, and now just have to finish their matches. Their first meeting of this match day within this league was a match with KILLERFISH eSport. HR started on the defense side and showed a quite confident play. Our five was taking all key rounds rather easily, and by the side switching had earned the considerable advantage of 7 rounds. The defense of KILLERFISH eSport turned out to be a little weaker than HellRaisers' one. The German five had taken 8 rounds before fell to the pressure of HellRaisers. The final score of the match is 16:12.

 HellRaisers [16:5]  RCTIC eSports Blue @mirage

The last match of the gaming evening ended rather fast — it took only 21 rounds to find the strongest team. HellRaisers started on the defense side and took all possible rounds — the Finnish team took only three rounds in attack, which is definitely not enough for Mirage. It's noteworthy that HR were playing almost faultlessly. Even being be in the minority, the team did not rush, but did take points. After the side switching HellRaisers rapidly got the needed rounds and ended the game with a score of 16:5.

 Team HellRaisers' coach  Sergey «LMBT» Bezhanov's comment:

«We've beat aTTax. I can't say that it was easy, but we did beat them. The ESEA season is coming to the end, but we will have to play the docking match, anyway, so we are finishing the season on automatic pilot. See you at the qualifiers for Malmö».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!