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Maxim Bednarsky answered your questions

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More than a week ago everyone could ask Maxim Bednarsky about everything he was interested in. We've picked up the most interesting questions and today are ready to publish the answers. Enjoy reading! 

VDikan: How did you get to know Kirill? Does organization Astana Dragons still exist?
Maxim Bednarsky: I've met Kirill at one of semi-pro LANs in Kiev in 2006. It's been 10 years, and he still plays games :). (AD don't have a CS:GO team, the rest isn't important)

hanter: What do you think, who is stronger, a shark or elephant?
Maxim Bednarsky: Elephant is stronger, because shark cannot breeth without water, and elephant can. 

12345: Czechoslovak trio used to play together in some local team, but did not achieve any special results, why did they perform so confidently in your team?
Maxim Bednarsky:The coach says that there are no arguments between the players, there are some problems with communication though, but the guys do their best. 

12345: You have another CS:GO roster, why did you stop to publish news about them? I cheer for ANGE1, but I still wonder.
Maxim Bednarsky:This is a different project, news about them are published in their social networks, subscribe and read (https://vk.com/explosiveofficial) 

SetMek: 1. Has Zero been signed? 2. How did ANGE1 and Co. take failing to get into MLG Columbus? 3. Didn't you think about reshuffles in your dota 2 team?
Maxim BednarskyThe contract is being signed. They took it bad – it is very hard to move towards something and stop in a footstep, but those who never make mistakes, never become better. The reshuffles are in full play.

SetMek: How was the HellRaisers organization made? Whose idea was it?
Maxim Bednarsky: A few friends started up a project, bought the rights for the tag, created the website and everything went right. Right now the organization is in the start-up time, we need more victories on the CS stage to grow up more confidently and faster, but, you can't change the game in a day, unfortunately! We are training, and we've taken an analyst to get ready for the rivals individually. 

KeyToLife: When will your merchandise be available in CIS, besides Ukraine? Were there other variants, besides Zero? 
Maxim Bednarsky: It will be available, when we find reliable partners in Europe and Russia to sell our jersey and hoodie. We always make lists of players to pick up from. Usually it ranges from 3 to 12 nicknames. 

Nickelodeon1337: Why don't fan-pages of new players appear in VKontakte.
Maxim Bednarsky: Because there are not enough fans of the organization yet.

nikit89: Why did you decide to look for players in Europe?
Maxim Bednarsky: There were not free high level players in CIS. We had to enter the international transfer market and create the team from the ground up, when Dosia had left us in a week before the Major in September of 2015.

nikit89: In your opinion, will esport grow up as fast as now in the future or will it decline?
Maxim Bednarsky: Of course, it will grow up! There is the background for that, and those, who think that I will disband the team after an unsuccessful season, simply don't understand how any sports work. We will keep working on the team and on developing Hell Raisers as a brand both on the CIS region market and on the international one.

Spidex: You're waiting so long with signing Zero, what's the problem? Personality/performances?
Maxim Bednarsky: He is on probationary status, you need to earn the contract in Hell Raisers. 

Ceky: Why do you use so many players to stand in? Isn't better for you and the players to settle down and improve.
Maxim Bednarsky: That's a question for the coach, I trust LMBT's decisions, you will an opportunity to ask him, too.

Danijongo: When will HellRaisers merchandise be available? (Shirts/jersyes, hats, etc.)
Maxim Bednarsky: We are working on that and looking for a right provider. 

Ceky: Are you planning your own HR Twitch channel with live matches?
Maxim Bednarsky: https://www.twitch.tv/hellraisers – subcribe to the channel, very soon there might be a stream of our analyst, too.

aRTFUL: Have you watched HR on MLG qualifier? What do you think about their performance? Were their results disappointment for you?
Maxim Bednarsky: Yes, I watch all the games, the guys needed more confidence in a few situations, our fate was decided in key rounds, which we will improve.

aRTFUL: Which player is the most skilled out of this HR roster in your opinion?
Maxim BednarskyOf course, it is Kirill. He's one of the most stable top level players in the region during more than 5 years. New names come and go, while Kirill always plays at the very sirious level. He reminds me device from Astralis by his stability. 

tollan741: Will you try/consider signing kioshima, or is it unreal?
Maxim Bednarsky: We've been in contact with him, but it did not come to something more than talking. 

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