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GAMDIAS Zeus Laser Esport mouse review

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What do the 11 buttons, 1000 Hz frequency and weight regulating system do and, the most imporant, why is it necessary for a mouse to have all this?

Mouse Zeus Laser Esports, as it is understandable from its name, wasn't designed for Photoshops or Words, it's been made for certain gaming tasks. As judged by these tasks this manipulator was developed. A proverb says that that the first impressions are most lasting, so let's start with the mouse's outward, and let's keep its filling for later.

The mouse is delivered in a white carton box. The box is rather common, it has beautiful pictures, short description and characteristics, the mouse's name, and also a list of used technologies — all this information is located on the box's edges. When you open the box, you can finally have a look at the device. 

The first that strikes your eye is an extremely aggressive design. The mouse looks like some alien technology, at that designed exceptionally for fighting goals. Located on the middle logo only makes this impression stronger. The manipulator literally is stuck all over with buttons — a player is given 11 programmable buttons (9 not considering the left and right keys), which would especially please the fans of MMORPG and MOBA. There are no useless buttons — you can reach all of them not leaning your hand. By the way, as for the hands, the mouse is asymmetrical, so it will fit only right-hander people.

Having turned the mouse around, you can immediately find a few things — wheel alignment, weight assembly bar and big feet made of teflon. Everything is clear with the feet — teflon proved itself years ago, so we should not stay long at this aspect. Three alignment wheels are designed for changing of the mouse's geometrical pattern — you can change the location of the side panels just by rolling the wheels and thus make the device even more comfortable. In the weight assembly bar there is also a place for five weight plates weighing 4.5 kilogram each. By adding and removing them you can not also choose the needed weight of the mouse, but, if desired, displace the center of gravity. 

As for the mouse's filling, it has a laser sensor with a adjustable refresh rate up to 1000 Hz. In addition to this, inside of the mouse there is a memory unit for 512 kilobytes and its own 32-bit ARM processor. The maximum resolution of the sensor is 8 200 DPI. Honestly speaking, we do not use such numbers, but such a factor of safety looks good to the eye. It is also important to mention the onboard memory, thanks to which you can keep a few profiles and switch between them when needed, and at that be independent from a certain computer. 

The composition is finished with an original software utility, which is used to moderate all these buttons and sensors. On the one hand, it is really convenient to tune up the mouse. All the buttons are highlighted at the right moment, which adds even more informational content and comfortable. In addition to this, a number of different settings will impress everyone. You can tune up literally everything ranging from certain settings of horizontal and vertical sensitivity to the color of LEDs. On the other hand, it has a strange design. Nevertheless, the software utility does its work, and you won't see it often. 

We did not think a lot, bringing in a verdict. The device is definitely pleasing. The mouse is made in a quality manner, and its filling does not leave place for doubts. It is a pleasure to feel the attention from the developer to the gamer's comfortable — the weight and geometry are easy to tune up, as well as to bind all buttons. The only disadvantage is the software utility, which annoys a little bit with its bright background, but this is the first and the last negative attribute of the manipulator. 

  Kirill «ANGE1» Karaseiv, the captaion of the team's comment:

«To be honest, I am not really used to such a shape of a mouse, and firstly it pushed me off, but, having used it for some time, I understood that everything is rather good. Additional buttons are located harmonically and will perfectly suit fans of MOBA and other games where such a big number of buttons is needed».