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HellRaisers:CS:GO have four meetings at ESEA Season 21: Premier

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 HellRaisers vs  STORMAKERS — 09.03, 18:00 CET @inferno

 HellRaisers vs  Lions — 09.03, 19:00
CET @cobblestone
 HellRaisers vs  E-Frag.net — 09.03, 20:00
CET @train
 HellRaisers vs  Team YP — 09.03, 22:00 CET @cache

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, STYKO, oskar, standin.smike, standin.Zero
 STORMAKERS: shp3x, lidaN, differNz, Nertz, kenz0o
 Lions: enix, StiG, ultra, spity, stb
 E-Frag.net: spyleadeR, viktor, bubble, Dream3r, nkl
 Team YP: Dima, DavCost, kibaken, S0tF1k, arch

An intensive match day will begin with a meeting against the only famous professional CS:GO team from Israel. However, STORMAKERS have not managed to claim about themselves, having lost seven meetings out of eight. Well, it is not the strongest rival, but HellRaisers should take every match as serious as possible, since our team has three losses and two wins, and it means that in the fight for the top six any mistakes are not allowed.

The second match will be the fight against the Norse from Lions, who are taking the sixth place of the standings. Our team has beat got-in-unreal-shape PENTA, so the upcoming battle on Cobblestone must be interesting. We hope that HellRaisers will show their level and will get by their rival. 

The next match must be the most interesting, since the Bulgarians from E-Frag.net is a dangerous rival. Do you remember that grand-final of PGL Region Minor Championship Europe? Then, in an intensive fight, with a 2:1 score, our team came out victorious. The Bulgarian team is willing to get their own back, though not in the final. The map will be train, that our team always banned, so the fight will be a real challenge for updated HellRaisers. 

The last meeting of this match day will run against Team YP. The Russians have not made it in MLG Columbus Major either, so they might show an unexpected game. The cache map is one of the most played of our team, so we believe that HellRaisers can end this tough day positively. 

The coverage of ESEA Season 21: Premier Division might be found on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!