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Maxim Bednarsky: «Rumors about oskar’s leaving are nonsense»

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During his stream oskar decided to make a joke on his viewers and said that he had got an offer to join another team and had accepted it. Honestly speaking, the player could not predict such an outcome: everyone took it serious and made a fuss. That's why it's been decided to disprove this information on the official website of the organization. Moreover, the director of HellRaisers has also commented on the situation, having mentioned the fact that the players can't leave the team for no special reason.

  Maxim Bednarsky​, the general manager of HellRaisers, has commented:

«Having watched the stream of oksar last night, viewers and fans of esport made a media reason that Tomáš was leaving HellRaisers. These words have not been proved with facts though. People use phrases took out of the stream context. I've had a talk with Tomáš, and he was surprised himself, so he assured me that even if he had said something, it all had been a joke. He has an operating contract. And if someone is ready to negotiate about his transferring, in the first place he should get in contact with me to talk about his official transfer».

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