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Coverage: Dota 2 Stars Arena

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HellRaisers have been invited to a new tournament, which will run in the online format.


Tournament Policy

8 teams will be fighting for the prize fund of $5,000 in the Double elimination system. All games, expect for the grand-final, will use the best-of-three format. The decider in its turn will run in the best-of-five one, without the advantage of a team, that comes from the upper bracket. 

Prize fund: $5,000

1 place — $3,000

2 place — $2,000


HellRaisers [0:1] Prodota Gaming (defwin)
HellRaisers [0:2] TORNADO.RoX @bo3


 2:0   RoX            
     2:1   RoX        
 2:1   TeamBE        
 2:1   PR        
     2:0   PR    
 1:2   COOKISS        
 тех. поражение   ProDota      
 0:2   YeS          




 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.Ubah, TBA

 COOKISS: Pablo-, Ash-, eskillz, steffstyle, KheZu

 Power Rangerschshrctj4Bignum, keyano, Ar1se

 RoX: BzzIsPerfect, TpoH, TBA, yol, rmN-

 Prodota Gaming: Ax.Mo, Sunlight, RodjER, garter, ArsZeeqq

 YeSARTES, Nickaril, fervian, hey, TBA
 Team Bad English: Zenigata, jabbz, pwN, Gedrox, rime
 Averia: QwisTa, Shak, XaKoH, VANSKOR, wejustzik