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HellRaisers.CS:GO one footstep away from the Major

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HellRaisers [1:2]  Team Liquid @bo3
(4:16 @cache, 16:7 @overpass, 14:16 @dust2)

The first map was the American team's pick Cache. HellRaiser started on the defense side and lost the first pistol round of the match. They didn't manage to take the first and second buy rounds either. HellRaisers took the first point only on the eight try, but didn't manage to develop this victory — the ninth round ended in the Americans' favor. By the end of the first half HellRaisers had braced up and come to the side switching, having only four points. The second pistol round was gained by Team Liquid, too. HellRaisers still had a few chances to return into the game, but the American team skilfully defended and got a victory on the map. 

HellRaisers started the second map on the attack side, and although it wasn't easy at all, took the pistol round. The first buy one ended in HellRaisers' favor, too. Team Liquid managed to take the first point only in the sixth round — the American team closed the gap rather fast, but HellRaisers did seize the initiative themselves. At the side switching the score was 9:6 in HR's favor. Our team took the second pistol round, as well. HellRaisers were confidently taking the lead and were not giving the rival any chances to take a single key round. Team Liquid managed to get only one point — the second map ended with a confident victory of HellRaisers.

In the decider HellRaisers started on the attack side again, and successfully took the pistol round, but right in the first buy-round Team Liquid managed to answer with a gained point. After that the American team started to get the points and, eventually, took the lead. Nevertheless, they did not hold the leadership — in the ninth round HellRaisers leveled the score and left the opponent behind. HR switched to the defense side, having a quite comfortable score of 9:6 in their favor! The final half started with a victory of HellRaisers in the last pistol round of this match. After that HellRaisers got a good advantage, but the in-time taken time-out let Team Liquid turn around the game and end the last map with a score of 16:14 in the American team's favor. After this loss HR have lost all chances to reach MLG:Columbus.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!