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HellRaisers.CS:GO start with a victory

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HellRaisers [22:20]  Team Liquid @Dust 2

HellRaisers started their game on the defense side, and that beginning turned out to be successful — the team took not only the first pistol round, but the first and second buy ones, too. Only on the seventh try the American managed to take the first point in this battle and started a winning streak. In the 12th round a temporary draw occurred on the map. The winners of the essential thirteenth round were HellRaisers, who came to the side switching, having the one round advantage.

The second pistol round was taken by Team Liquid, but the force-buy one ended in HR's favor. HellRaisers started to increase the advantage rather fast, and in a short while the American team fell behind. The situation on the map was getting harder, and, eventually, the teams came to the score of 15:14 in Team Liquid's favor, but HellRaisers took a key round and ended in a draw.

The additional rounds ran in the up-to-three-rounds format on each side. HellRaisers started on the attack side and took only one round. On the defense side they managed to take only two rounds. The second round of additional rounds started, in which HellRaisers turned out to be stronger.

 Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov's comment:

«The first game at the tournament is always the most difficult. We started well on the defense side and took the lead 6:0,  but then they changed the style of the game, and everything got harder. A few crazy clutch rounds helped us. 🙂 Thanks to everyone, who supported us».

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Cheer for HellRaisers