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Coverage: MLG Major Championship: Columbus Qualifier

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HellRaisers is one footstep away from reaching the major tournament. All our team has to do now is to get through the final qualifing stage, in which the team will have to get two victories. HellRaisers have made it into group B, where they will face off against 3 more teams.


Tournament Policy

16 participants will be divided into four groups of four. The system of the group stage is GSL with the best-of-one format for all matches, but the decided in the lower bracket, which will run in the best-of-three one. Two best teams from each group will make it to MLG Major Championship: Columbus.

Prize fund:

Teams, that will take 1-2 places in their groups, will get a quota for MLG Columbus Major.


HellRaisers [1:2] Team Liquid (4:16 @cache, 16:7 @overpass, 14:16 @dust2)
HellRaisers [15:19] mousesports @mirage
HellRaisers [22:20] Team Liquid @dust 2


Group В
 16:1 @cbble   mousesports    
  Team YP    
     19:15 @mirage   mousesports
 22:20 @dust 2   HellRaisers  
  Team Liquid      
  Team Liquid  1:2   Team Liquid
 16:2 @overpass   Team Liquid  
  Team YP      
Group А
  G2 Esports        
 16:13 @dust2   G2 Esports    
  Tempo Storm    
     16:14 @inferno   G2 Esports
  FlipSid3 Tactics      
 16:13 @inferno   FlipSid3 Tactics  
  Selfless Gaming      
     FlipSid3 Tactics    
  Selfless Gaming  2:0   Flipsid3
 4:16 @inferno   Tempo Storm  
  Tempo Storm      

Group С

 14:16 @cache   Splyce    
     16:7 @mirage   Splyce
  Vexed Gaming      
 16:10 @train   Vexed Gaming  
  SK Gaming      
      Vexed Gaming    
  SK Gaming  1:2   CLG
13:16 @overpass   CLG  
Group D
 9:16 @cache   Gambit    
     16:11 @train   Gambit
 16:9 @inferno   Renegades  
  Team Dignitas      
  Cloud9  0:2   Cloud9
 16:13 @cache   Cloud9  
  Team Dignitas      



 HellRaisers  mousesports  Team Liquid  Team YP










 Gamers2  Flipsid3 Tactics  Tempo Storm  Selfless Gaming










 CLG  Vexed Gaming  SPLYCE  SK Gaming










 Cloud9  Team Dignitas  Gambit Gaming  Renegades