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HellRaisers.Dota to play against updated roster of PR

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 HellRaisers vs  Power Rangers — 20.02, 17:00 CET @bo1

 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.Ubah, standin.Illidan
 Power Rangers: chshrct, j4, Bignum, keyano, Ar1se

Our team has lost the last match with Vega Squadron, but the game itself turned out to be rather interesting! Well, now we should move on. This time HellRaisers will face off against Power Rangers, with whom they have already met within Dota Pit League Season 4: EU Qualifiers. The victory with a 2:0 score was gained by our players, but since then PR have updated their roster, having taken two Roumanian talented players Ar1se and keyano. We'll see if this step will do a power of good for the opponent. The meeting only theoretically can help chshrct and Co. to get out from the group, but it doesn't make the match less spectacular! HellRaisers now are gradually improving their game, so we do believe in the positive result!

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Cheer for HellRaisers!