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HellRaisers.Dota lost to Vega

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 HellRaisers [0:1]  Vega Squadron @bo1

The whole match might be divided into two parts. In the first one the teams were fighting and trying to get as much farm as possible, and in general were forcing their game to the rival. In this stage Vega were stranger by farm, but HellRaisers won back in fights and gangs. In general the game was equal, though Vega was slowly increasing the advantage.

The second part started, when Nature’s Prophet got needed items. After that the buildings of HellRaisers underwent the unstoppable pushing, which led to them losing all barracks. Our five tried to stand up to the pressure of the mega creeps, and even made a few successful fights on their ramp, but made a mistake and lost the meeting.

Acting Dota 2 team manager,  Anton «b-off» Borodov's comment:

«It was a hard game, but we did our best. There were some mistakes, but the most important is that we still have a will to win. The team is growing up, but there is still someting to work on».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!