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Group at MLG Columbus Major Main Qualifier announced

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The final stage of the qualifiers for the nearest Major tournament by Valve will run from February 26-28, in which 16 teams will take part. It's noteworthy that 8 of them got the invitation, since they had taken part in the previous Major, while the rest of the participants had to get through a few stages of the qualifiers such as online and offline ones.

Group А Group B Group С Group D
  Gamers2   HellRaisers   CLG   Cloud9
  Flipsid3   mousesports   Vexed Gaming   Dignitas
  Enemy   Team Liquid   TheMongolz   Gambit
  Tempo Storm   Team YP   SK Gaming   Renegades


HellRaisers are in group B, and their opponents at this championship will be mousesports, Team Liquid и Team YP. The last one, by the way, are facing visa problems right now and may make it in America with 2 stand-ins. Aleksandr «s1mple» Kostylev now plays for Team Liquid, he is trying to propel the team the next level. mousesports is a more common enemy for HellRaisers in comparison to the others, so ANGE1 and Co. know what to do. 

The system of the qualifiers is GSL, a team that losses twice will leave the competition.  Thus, each team will have to play only 2 games to reach the sacred championship without falling into the lower bracket. However, there is still a chance to make a mistakes, thus having increased a number of matches by one. Only teams from each group will make it in the Major in Columbus, they will join the eight invited teams and will fight for the prize fund of $250,000 together with the champion title.

You can find the detailed match schedule here. Follow our website and pages in social networks to keep up-to-date!

Cheer for HellRaisers!