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Difficult evening for HellRaisers.Dota

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 ​HellRaisers [0:1]  Team Empire @bo1

HellRaisers seized the initiative from the first minutes of the game and started to get the advantage. At the 15th minute Team Empire braced up and started to return into the game themselves. During some period of time the game was equal, but the rival started to force their own game. Our five changed the strategy and came into pushing, though it did not help — Team Empire began to attack and put the pressure on the rival. As a result, HellRaisers could do nothing, but give up.

 ​HellRaisers [0:1]  Team Spirit @bo1

The second game started quite calmly, both teams were trying to earn the advantage, but the score would not change. Nevertheless, the Io+Tiny combo by Team Spirit gave some concern, since the stone giant would not die. That was the decisive moment of the game — Tiny quite rapidly got needed items and started to push. HellRaisers tried to stop the enemy, but each forced fight, if the best happened, ended with the equal exchange. A flash of hope appeared at the 21nd minute of the game, when HellRaisers managed to switch the diagrams to zero, and won back some gold, but right in the next fight Team Spirit wiped off all the attempts, and a few minutes later ended the game.

Acting Dota 2 team manager,  Anton «b-off» Borodov's comment:

«We lost the first game due to mistakes at Roshan. And there is nothing I want to say about the second game. Why? Because of the new roster. We are working to reach the common ground».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!