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HellRaisers Life is Real: Episode Five

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Next week our members of the HellRaisers team will gather up in a bootcamp in Kiev to practice before the qualifiers for MLG Columbus Major, which will run from February 26-28. And now let's take a look at the pictures of our players in social networks.

The captain of our CS:GO team has recently put his Instagram account in motion again. And here is, for example, at the LAN Finals of Acer Predator Masters Season 2 Kirill took a picture with well-known commentator BABAM, who works for the English speaking viewers!

«Huge fan of this guy! Thanks for making our cs days brighter!» — Kirill added.

In a few days before the flight to the German city of Krefeld, Kirill Karasiev got a tattoo on his right hand, having thus stresses his status.

«My life must be too boring)» — ANGE1 commented. 

Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov spent Saint Valentine's Day with his lady and once again expressed his emotions. It is so cute!

«Darling! I am so glad I have met you once! I love you so much! Happy Valentine's Days, guys!» — Emil wrote under the photo.

Emil's wife, Yana Fedosikhina, keeps streaming her games and doesn't forget to post on VK beautiful pictures of presents from her husband.

«Have a good day and excellent mood!» — Yana braced up her subsribers.

The European players of the roster sometimes share their photos, too. This time Zero and oskar came to the hotel in Krefeld, and though not without problems, Patrik did take a picture as a momento. You can find more interesting shots on his Facebook.

«Hardly, but we've finally got to the hotel with oskar! We've had to share the bad! Woohoo 😀» — Zero added. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!