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Battle evening of HellRaisers.Dota Results

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 HellRaisers [0:1]  Vega Squadron @bo1

Despite the high late potential of both teams, the first map ended rather fast. HellRaisers put a bet on popular nowadays Oracle and Earth Spirit, while Vega used a quite old strategy with global ultimates. At the beginning of the game HellRaisers had a small advantage earned by drawing the first blood, but the 6th level of Vega's key heroes decided the course of the game. The very first attack of RoX showed that HellRaisers could not cope with such a mobile pick. The items might have helped them, but Vega was pushing without a stop and was not going a time to farm. The game had ended before the 25th minute — Vega rather easily entered the ramp of the rival and ended this match.

 HellRaisers [1:1]  Tornado.RoX @bo2

The second match was not decisive for HellRaisers — no matter how hard they would try, they had already lost all chances to reach the next stage of the tournament. However, for Tornado.RoX this victory would give vital 3 points, and together with them a small chance to get the first place.

The teams started the first map quite calmly, but Tornado.Rox gradually started to take the lead. During a long period of time they would manage to keep the leadership, but, having got key items, Witch Doctor and Faceless Void turned around the course of the game. HellRaisers started to close the gap, but made a few mistakes. The Tornado.RoX players seized the opportunity and stopped a comeback of HellRaisers.

On the second map the intensity of emotions got only higher. Tornado.RoX tried to use the global strategy again, while HellRaisers decided to play with Bane and the Io plus Chaos Knight combination. Firstly the more aggressive pick of Tornado.RoX was giving them the advantage, and they would quite easily let themselves gang the whole map. But, having god needed items, Chaos Knight immediately stopped that attacks. Tornado.RoX started to get closed at their own base. Sharp and fast attacks of HellRaisers were making the rival make mistakes, and eventually it led to losing two sides of Tornado.RoX at once. And a few minutes later the third one did not stand, too. In the intensive battle HellRaisers got a victory.

Acting Dota 2 team manager,  Anton «b-off» Borodov's comment:

«As for the first match I can say that we picked bad, played even worse and here was the result. But in the match against Tornado.Rox we did take ours and ended the series with a 1:1 score. We still need to practice a lot to get used to each other».


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