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HellRaisers.Dota lost to Empire

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  Empire @bo3

The first map started with an aggression — HellRaisers drew the first blood rather fast. After a while Empire managed to make an exchange, but at that the results of this team at the early stage of the game ended. HellRaisers took up a series of successful gangs and took the lead in the score. By the 10th minute the score was 7:1 in HellRaisers' favor. The first strife, though, showed that Empire could give the battle themselves — the exchange did not end in HellRaisers' favor at all. A key moment of the game was the meeting in the forest of the Radiant at the 24th minute — Empire lost the fight and HellRaisers got a chance to kill Roshan. After that HellRaisers got the huge advantage and gradually started to end the game. At the 34th minute Emprire lost the first side, and after that HellRaisers killed Roshan again. By the 38th minute HellRaisers managed to storm the ramp. The result is a successful fight, destroying of the second side and sacred «gg» by Empire!

Despite the similar number of kills, the second map started more calmly — the teams were constantly moving around the map, but were not hurrying up to emerge themselves into fighting. During a long period of time there was the balance on the map — one team was going right up to another, but at some point Empire managed to catch HellRaisers in Roshan's pit and seized the initiative. Another take-over happened at the 33th minute — HellRaisers started to storm the enemy's base, while Empire tried to force the sides exchange, but the result turned out to be quite profitable for HellRaisers — they not only destroyed the barracks on the top lane, but managed to defend their own base. After that the speed of the game started to drop — both sides did not hurry to risk and just farmed, having taken their places on the map. Eventually, Empire managed to catch a few players of HellRaisers, kill them and easily enter the ramp. 1:1, and it meant that the fate of the match would be decided on the third map.

The decided started rather calmly in comparison with the first and second maps — the teams exchanged the offlaners, and after that almost 10-minute peace happened on the map. But after that the teams went into the phase of active attacks — the battle action took place on all lanes and lasted until the 20th minute. Slowly Empire managed to seize the initiative and destroy all external towers of HellRaisers, though they did not enter the ramp. At the 37th minute HellRaisers made a mistake, as a result of which they lost four heroes and two lanes of barracks at once. 3 minutes later, Empire entered the ramp again, but for the last time. The final score of the match is 2:1 in Team Empire's favor, and HellRaisers leave ESL One Manila 2016 European Qualifier.

Acting Dota 2 team manager,  Anton «b-off» Borodov's comment:

«A bad result is a result, too. We'll fix the mistakes».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!