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Coverage: ProDotA Cup Europe #3

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Our team will compete with fifteen opponents for the prize fund of $5,000. 


Tournament Policy

ProDotA Cup Europe #3 will run from February 9-22 in the double-elimination system. 16 invited teams will fight for a small prize fund of $5,000. First four rounds of the lower bracket will run in the best-of-one format, while the grand-final will use the best-of-five one (with the one map advantage of the team, that will make it there from the upper bracket), all other meetings will be played in best-of-three.

Prize fund: $5,000

1 place — $3,500

2 place — $1,000

3 place — $500


HellRaisers [0:1] hehe United @bo1
HellRaisers [1:2] Averia @bo3
Upper Bracket
 2:0   Stark                    
     0:2   DB                
 2:0   DB                
 2:1   Prodota                 
     2:0   Prodota             
 2:1   BU                
 2:1   YeS                
 1:2   Averia            
 1:2   Ad Finem                
  Ad Finem                  
  Samurai C                      
 2:0   Samurai C                  
        Lower Bracket            
 0:1   HWA          
 1:0   hehe              
 1:0   PRIES                  


 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.Ubah, standin.Illidan
 Ad Finem: -SsaSpartan-, Madara-, ThuG, SkyLark, Maybe Next Time
 Burden United: jonassomfan, ComeWithMe, Ar1sE, solitude, TBA
 HWA Gaming: Neqroman, klasynky, rnt, mdL, AlexTheFool
 AbraxasAscendancy, ar3a1234, Stylezzzz, Blue, Tolera
 Danish Bears: Ryze, Ace., NoiA, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN, Shocolate
 Elysium GaminglizZard, grizine, g0g1, MONTI, Cedica, Petricko
 ENSO: crazY, ILTW, Misha, Nixjkee, Err
 hehe United: nihis, Masakary, hwa, gasha, Deadly Duck
 Oogway: NotAHax, okcya, Ouker, Topson, sone
 PRIESZenigatapwN94, At the Speed of Life, Gedrox, TBA
 Prodota Gaming: Ax.Mo, Sunlight, RodjER, Fervian, Flow
 Samurai Champloo: Fohu, kenneth, Attacker, Amoment-, Garter, Sammy
 STARK: Buugi, nemphy, Trixi, Vaalix, okcya
 AveriaVANSKOR, standin.wejustzikXakoH, Qwista, Bogdawajan
 YeSARTES, Nickaril, nort, Anbaa, gorec