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APM S2 LAN Finals Details

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The LAN Finals of Acer Predator Masters S2 start on 11 Fabruary, and they will end on 14 Fabruary. The teams will have the competition in the double-elimination system with the best-of-three match format. The grand final of the tournament will run in the best-of-five format with the one map advantage of the team, that will make it there from the upper bracket.

It's noteworthy that HellRaisers will play the first game at the tournament against the Vexed Gaming team, who in the past did not let us get through the qualifiers. The prize fund of the second season is $40,000, and a team, that will take the first place, will get a reward of $20,000.


 11.02, 17:00 @bo3              
  LDLC White            
 11.02, 23:00 @bo3          
 11.02, 20:00 @bo3          
  Vexed Gaming        
  Lounge Gaming            
 11.02, 14:00 @bo3          


Let us recall, that the winners of the first season were HellRaisers, who beat mousesports in the final with a 4:3 score in the bo7 series. HellRaisers fell into the lower bracket in the first round, but managed to do away with the teams from Denmark and make it into the grand final of the championship.

Cheer for HellRaisers!