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Coverage: BTS Europe #2

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HellRaisers have been invited to another competition by well-known studio Beyond the Summit. Will our team conquer it?


Tournament Policy

16 teams will take part in the tournament: 14 ones have been invited by the organizers, while two remaining slots have been given to the winners of the qualifiers. Participants of BTS Europe #2 will have to fight during 10 days for the prize fund of $10,000. The system of the tournament is single elimination, so the teams will not have a chance for a mistake. For most matches the best-of-three format will be used, while the grand-final will run in the bo5 one.

Prize fund: $10,000

1 place — $5,000

2 place — $3,000

3-4 places — $1,000

Match Schedule (CET) and Results:

HellRaisers [0:2] Ad Finem @bo3
  The Puck                
  Ad Finem            
  Danish Bears            
  Mamas Boy              
  Power Rangers          
  Burden United              
  Prodota Gaming          
  Mango Manians              
  Team Empire              


 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.Ubah, standin.Undershock

 Power Rangerschshrctj4Bignum, standin.Zara, standin.Illidan 

 RoX: BzzIsPerfect, TpoH, Ghostik, yol, ArsZeeqq

 Team Empire: XBOCT, Funn1k, ALOHADANCE, NoFear, TBA

 Prodota Gaming: Ax.Mo, Sunlight, RodjER, Fervian, Flow

 Mamas Boys: Pajkatt, Hook, TBA , YapzOr, Saksa

 London Conspiracy: Jellopy, Kefka, 13abyKnight, Biver, solen

 STARK: Buugi, nemphy, Trixi, Vaalix, okcya

 YeSARTES, Nickaril, nort, Anbaa, gorec

 COOKISS: Pablo-, Ash-, eskillz, steffstyle, KheZu

 Danish Bears: Ryze, Ace., NoiA, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN, Shocolate

 Ad Finem: -SsaSpartan-, Madara-, ThuG, SkyLark, Maybe Next Time

 PRIESZenigatapwN94At the Speed of Life, Gedrox, TBA

 Burden United: jonassomfan, ComeWithMe, Ar1sE, solitude, TBA

 Mango Manians: Sims, paunuu, Replay, Zircoy, TBA

 The Puck: vanseq225, yogurt-, bowbowbow, Frostmourne, bobathon