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Coverage: WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3 CIS Qualifiers

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HellRaisers have been invited by the organizers to the qualifiers when the Walrus Punch! decided to withdraw from the tournament after two losses. That's why HellRaisers will begin the championship with the 0:2 statistics.  The qualifying stage itself will be running till 31 Match.


Tournament Policy

The teams will have to fight in the Round-Robin system twice. Each team will have 14 matches, following the results of which, the five, that will reach the LAN Finals, will be found. The qualifiers in the other three regions will follow the same scenario to find the final eight participants of the LAN Finals. The final stage of the tournament will take place in Kiev, Ukraine, where 4 teams such as Evil Geniuses, OG, Virtus.pro, Team Secret have already been invited to.

Prize fundteams, that will take the first places in the groups, will reach the LAN Finals.

Match Schedule (CET) and Results:

This games will be played in March:

HellRaisers vs Natus Vincere @bo1
HellRaisers vs RoX @bo1
HellRaisers vs ProDota @bo1

HellRaisers [0:1] Power Rangers @bo1
[1:0] Power Rangers @bo1
[0:1] Vega Squadron @bo1
[0:1] Team Spirit @bo1

HellRaisers [0:1] Team Empire @bo1

HellRaisers [0:1] Vega Squadron @bo1
[0:1] Team Spirit @bo1

HellRaisers [1:0] TORNADO.RoX @bo1

HellRaisers [0:1] Natus Vincere @bo1

Group stage


# Team G W L
1   Vega Squadron 14 12 2
2   Team Spirit 13 9 4
3   Natus Vincere 10 7 3
4   Team Empire 12 7 5
5   RoX 12 5 7
6   Power Rangers 10 3 7
7   HellRaisers 11 2 9
8   Prodota Gaming 10 1 9


 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.Ubah, standin.Illidan
 Natus Vincere: Dendi, SoNNeikO, Artstyle, Ditya-Ra, GeneRaL
 Team Spirit: RAMZES666, Iceberg, AfterLife, Goblak, ALWAYSWANNAFLY

 Vega Squadron: CeMaTheSlayeR, 9pashaebashu, Noone-, MAg-, Solo-
 Team Empire: XBOCT, Resolut1on, Funn1k, ALOHADANCE, NoFear 
 RoX: BzzIsPerfect, Sedoy, Ghostik, yol, ArsZeeqq
 Prodota Gaming: TpoH, Sunlight, RodjER, Fervian, Flow
 Power Rangerschshrctj4Bignumbarash, Fn