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Best shots from PGL European Minor Championship LAN Finals

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The third match day of the European Minor LAN Final came to the end this night, where the teams were fighting for the prize fund of $50,000 and a slot in the offline qualifiers for the upcoming MLG Columbus Major. Following the results of the tough battles, our boys have come out victorious, having presented their fans a spectacular play. Let's recall how it was!

The surprise of our players was beyond words, though they did manage to push the matter through in most cases.

Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov managed to gain momentum during the tournament and gave his fans unforgettable moments, especially in the last match of the tournament.

Having finished the game, the guys came out from the game zone and took a look at themselves from another perspective. They noticed all pluses and minuses in played situations.

Of course, it was not without the situations, when you simply have to take a breath and set up for the game and achieving the result.

The coach's attitudes did help HellRaisers, so the players did not lose an opportunity to listen to Sergey before the matches.

That's how the players had a rest between the matches. By the way, in this room there were computers, on which they could practice, and also a TV, where all matches of the tournament were broadcasted. It is very convenient!

And here are the photos of the sniper of the HellRaisers team, who plays under nickname oskar, and who has taken the fourth place in the rating of the tournament best players. It is noteworthy that Tomáš almost reached the top 2. 

Victory is always a happiness, which you can see on the face of Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev.

Martin did not hide his emotions either! And why should he, since he achieved what he had come to the tournament for!

And the last thing is a photo with the full roster of the team. HellRaisers are the champions!

You can find all photos from the tournament in our VKontakte group. Leave your feedback in the comments!

Cheer for HellRaisers!