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Coverage: PGL European Minor Championship 2016 LAN Final

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Only eight teams have made it into the final of the local qualifying round organized by PGL. Now, in Bucharest, the strongest team, that will continue fighting for the American Major and the prize fund of $50,000, will be found.


Tournament Policy

The group stage of the tournament will run in the double-elimination system. It's noteworthy that most matches will run in the best-of-one format. Teams will fight in the bo3 format only in the first matches of the upper bracket and in the deciders of the lower one. Two strongest teams from both groups will be placed in the single-elimination bracket with the best-of-three match format to find a winner of the competition.

Mappoolde_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone, de_cache

The distribution of the prize fund:

1 place — $30,000 and a slot in the final qualifiers for MLG Columbus 2016

2 place — $15,000 and a slot in the Last Chance CIS/EU qualifiers

3 place — $2,500 and a slot in the Last Chance CIS/EU qualifiers

4 place — $2,500 and a slot in the Last Chance CIS/EU qualifiers

Play-Off (CET)

21:15 @mirage

11:16 @inferno

16:10 @dust2
 31.01, 20:00 @bo3  

 16:12 @dust2
 13:16 @mirage
 16:8 @cbble


Group А (CET)

 16:10 @mirage   E-Frag.net    
  CG  16:3 @dust2
 16:7 @cache
 16:13 @cache   PENTA  
  LDLC White      
     6:16 @overpass

 21:19 @cache

 21:17 @dust2
 16:13 @cache   CG  
  LDLC White      

Group B (CET)

 16:14 @dust2   HellRaisers    
  Lemondogs 9:16 @mirage
16:14 @inferno
16:14 @overpass
2:16 @cobblestone   PixelFire  
     41:38 @mirage

 16:5 @train
13:16 @mirage   DenDD  


 HellRaisers  DenDD  LDLC White  E-Frag.net




 Lemondogs  Cringe Gods  PENTA Sports  PixelFire