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HellRaisers leave Qualifiers for IEM Katowice 2016

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 HellRaisers [14:16]  mouz @cache

The quarterfinal of the qualifying stage of the IEM Katowice 2016 tournament ran in the best-of-one format, so any mistakes were not allowed. The battleground was the Cache map. HellRaisers started on the defense side, and the beginning was rather unsuccessful. HellRaisers managed to take the first point only in the sixth round, though they did not turn that small victory into something bigger. The whole first half was under the orders of mouz, who managed to take 12 rounds on the attack side. The side switching put HellRaisers on the edge of the crash — they lost the second pistol round. Nevertheless, HellRaisers aggressively played the force-buy round and, having taken the first point in the second half, started their comeback. Unfortunately, they did not manage to carry this thorough — HellRaisers were one footstep away from the additional rounds. The final score of the meeting is 16:14 in mouz's favor. HellRaisers lose the chance to reach the tournament. 

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev's comment:

«It was a tough match. I am tired of playing these bo1 matches, but there is nothing we can do about this. 16:14 is a score on not the strongest map of ours. That's not that bad, considering that we lost both pistol rounds. See you at the qualifiers in Rumania».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!