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Another Draw for HellRaisers

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 HellRaisers [1:1]  Team Liquid @bo2 

The first map started with very aggressive moves by HellRaisers — they drew the first blood and immediately doubled their advantage in kills. Team Liquid were not ready for such a pressure for sure and came into defensive playing. That was a quite bad decision, since the attacks of HellRaisers would end rather sadly for «the horses». Nevertheless, Team Liquid did attack, too, but at the most they would get equal exchanges. HellRaisers were increasing the advantage with every minute, and, as a result, they managed to enter the ramp of the rival. The second storming of Team Liquid's base turned out to be final— HellRaisers implemented their plan to the full and confidently won the first map.

The second map was not that straightforward. There was an early aggression by HellRaisers again, but at this time it did not bring any considerable advantages. Moreover, the Team Liquid players started to fight nearly every minute, and usually they were the one to come out victories from that fights, which was seen in the diagrams. But HellRaisers were not going to give up — despite the fact that the team was in need of items and space, they were doing their best to make the game loner. A few mistakes made by Team Liquid let the game last way longer and the heroes of HellRaisers got all needed items. The decisive moment in the game was the fight at Roshan's pit at the 55th minute — there HellRaisers made a few mistakes and thus lost the second map.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!