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HellRaisers.Hearthstone lose two players

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These players joined the team more than a half a year ago, and during this period they had both successful moments and bitter failures. The guys managed to take part in many tournaments, in which they always tried to do their best, reaching high results.

Thus, the most successful tournament for  Aleksei «Lostov» Fursov was SLTV Kick-off Season, in which he took the honourable third place, having lost the decider to Kolento. After that, he was invited to SLTV Hearthstone Season 1, where he demonstrated his excellent play, but left the championship in the play-off stage. However, due to different circumstances he got a chance to go to the LAN Finals in Kiev, though he was not able to do that, since his external passport was not ready. Second player,  Nikolai «NickChipper» Velicho tried to make it to the tournament by SLTV himself, but he did not get through the qualifying stages. It did not affect Nikolai's moral, and he tried to conquer other competitions, having taken a victory over Plantronics Gaming Rumble 3 and thee tournaments by Gfinity.

Nevertheless, we stop our partnership with these players and wish them further esports success. We are sure that the guys will find a worthy team and continue pleasing their fans with victories. And probably one of them will take the stage of the well-known Hearthstone world championship.

 Maksym Bednarsky​, the general manager of HellRaisers, has commented:

«We are grateful to the players for the partnership and good results. They have a huge potential, so we wish them luck in their further career».

The current roster of HellRaisers.Hearthstone:

  •  Aleksei «ШтанУдачи» Barsukov

Cheer for HellRaisers!