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HellRaisers compete with Team Empire

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 HellRaisers vs  Team Empire — 20.01, 22:30 CET @bo2 

 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.Ubah, standin.Undershock
 Team Empire: XBOCT, Resolut1on, Funn1k, ALOHADANCE, NoFear 

Our team keeps moving through the European qualifiers for Dota Pit League Season 4. HellRaisers played their last match rather confidently — Power Rangers were defeated with a 2:0 score. However, now we have to deal with another rival in the name of Team Empire. The teams have met each other not so long ago, it was within the qualifiers for The Shanghai Major. At that time the victory was gained by Team Empire, who came out on top on two maps. Today HellRaisers have to deliver a battle to such an uneasy rival in order to continue the fight for making it into the LAN Final of Dota Pit League. The team needs your support! Don't miss this fight, it must be really spectacular!

The coverage of the European qualifier for Dota Pit League Season 4 is available on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!