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HellRaisers.CS:GO outplayed ALTERNATE aTTaX

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  HellRaisers [2:1]  ALTERNATE aTTaX @bo3
(7:16 @cobblestone, 16:10 @dust2, 16:7 @overpass)

HellRaisers started the first map on the attack side, that was not the best course of events, since Cobblestone is not the strongest map of our team, and the attack side is way more weaker than the defense one there. However, it did not prevent HellRaisers from showing a worthy play and having quite a good score at the side switching — HellRaisers got 5 points. The first round on the defense side ended in our team's favor, but the boys did not manage to develop the advantage — the German team took the first score on the third try and rapidly took needed number of rounds to win on the first map.

Second map, dust2, started with a quite confident defense by HellRaisers. Our team was confidently taking all key rounds and was not giving the rival a chance to seize the initiative. The ALTERNATE aTTaX five managed to find a key to HellRaisers' defense only three times, and the German team lost all other rounds with no chances. The side switching did affect the course of the game — HellRaisers did not manage to take neither a pistol nor first buy round, that let ALTERNATE aTTaX take a few points and level the score in the game. However, they did not manage to turn around the game — HellRaisers braced up, took remaining four rounds and won the second map.

Overpass turned out to be the decisive map. Recently HellRaisers feel very confidently on this map, so it was not going to be easy for ALTERNATE aTTaX at all. After the score exchange in the first two rounds, HellRaisers got the full control over the map, started to take points and got the needed advantage. However, HellRaisers did not manage to be completely in the lead — the rival was actively resisting and with varying success was taking rounds. At the side switching the teams had a 9:6 score in HellRaisers' favor. In the second half HellRaisers showed a good play on the defense side, easily took all key rounds, and together with it the entire match. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!