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HellRaisers.Dota leave The Shanghai Major Qualifiers

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Natus Vincere @bo2

The first map started with quite interesting ideas by HellRaisers: Pudge went to farm on the triple lane, Silencer got the middle, and Lone Druid took the hard lane. Right from the first minutes the teams started to attack — not a single minute of the game ran without exchanges. An unsuccessful fight at Roshan gave the opponents of our five a good advantage, though Lone Druid by Shachlo started to catch up with enemy Lifestealer in gold. It helped HellRaisers confidently make two following fights, take Na'Vi heroes, having lost the Aegis though. A forced by Natus Vincere fight ended in HellRaisers' favor. Ubah was demonstrating unreliable things playing his Pudge, saving his teammates, while goddam was showing how to play Oracle. However, Na'Vi did push the bottom lane, but HellRaisers made a fantastic fight themselves and took four heroes of Natus Vincere, another Aegis and Cheese. The game reached the late stage, where every mistake might have been fatal. Our team brought themselves to make the final push, but an unsuccessful fight and moves of Silencer put an end to HellRaisers' getting out from the group. 

For the second map HellRaisers chose the pick aimed at the late stage, though the game immediately got a tough character. Gradually Natus Vincere were increasing their advantage, but HellRaisers were not going to give up — an incredible play by Undershock let our team take the Aegis and four enemy heroes. HellRaisers got the advantage themselves, but did not manage to use it. Natus Vincere seized the initiative and won the second map. 

HellRaisers will not play their last match in the group, since its outcome does not affect the result in the group. The teams get a draw.

Acting Dota 2 team manager,  Anton «b-off» Borodov's comment:

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Cheer for HellRaisers!