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HellRaisers.Dota did not cope with Team Empire

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Team Empire @bo2

On the first map the teams decided to place a bet on an early push. HellRaisers almost immediately came forward trying to implement their aggressive heroes, while Team Empire were forced to defend. Fights would run with an equal exchange, but enemy Weaver got enough farm, and indeed Death Prophet was getting stronger with every following minute. An intensive fight at Roshan ended in HellRaisers' favor — although our five spent two buy-backs, they managed to take the Aegis. One minute after the teams faced off against each other again — HellRaisers took away four heroes of Team Empire, having lost only one. It seemed as though the game started to run under the orders of our team, but next Roshan was taken by Team Empire, who took the lead together with the middle lane, and after a while took the remaining two sides, as well. HellRaisers had to write GGWP. 

On the second map HellRaisers got a pick aimed at a mid and late game. It started quite calmly — the teams were getting needed levels and items. Then HellRaisers started to press on the rival, but Team Empire did respond in kind, having made an excellent fight — Ultra Kill for enemy Tiny cost a lot for our five. Having got the needed advantage, Team Empire took the Aegis and destroyed both middle and bottom barracks. A few minute later the game was over — Team Empire got a victory over HellRaisers on two maps. This loss was not fatal for our team though — it is still possible to get out from the group, but to manage so our five needs to show the result in next matches. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!