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Coverage: The Shanghai Major 2016: European Qualifier

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The qualifier for The Shanghai Major 2016 can be called as the main Dota 2 event of January. Ten teams in each of four regions will be clearing up who deserves to take part in the major tournament, and who needs to work on himself. 


Tournament Policy

In total in the closed qualifiers there will be ten teams — eight ones have got a direct invitation from the organizers, and two more have got through the open qualifiers. The qualifying stage itself will be divided into two stages — a group stage and play-off. In the group stage all teams will be divided into two groups of five teams. A format of matches will be best-of-two, at that a team gets 2 points for a win, one point for a draw and gets nothing for a loss. Two teams from each group will reach the next stage. The play-off stage will run in the Olympic system with a elimination after two losses. Both participants of the grand final will get an invitation to the tournament.

Match Schedule (CET) and Results:
08.01, 15:00 — HellRaisers vs Mamas Boys @bo2
HellRaisers [0:2] Natus Vincere @bo2
HellRaisers [0:2] Team Spirit @bo2
HellRaisers [0:2] 
Team Empire @bo2
Group Stage



# Team G W D L
1   Team Spirit 4 3 1 0
2   Natus Vincere 3 2 1 0
3   Team Empire 3 1 1 1
4   Mamas Boys 4 0 2 2
5   HellRaisers 4 0 1 3



# Team G W D L
1   Team Liquid 2 1 1 0
2   Vega Squadron 1 1 0 0
3   London Conspiracy  2 0 2 0
4   Elements Pro Gaming 2 0 1 1
5   TORNADO.RoX 1 0 0 1



 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.Ubah, standin.Undershock

 Natus Vincere: Dendi, SoNNeikO, Artstyle, Ditya-Ra, Ax.Mo
 Team Empire: XBOCT, Resolut1on, Funn1k, ALOHADANCE, NoFear 

 Vega Squadron: CeMaTheSlayeR, 9pashaebashu, Noone-, MAg-, Solo-

 Team Spirit: RAMZES666. Iceberg, AfterLife, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Goblak

 Elements Pro Gaming: sQreen, zxc, yoky, GeneRaL, rmN
 Fantastic 5BzzIsPerfectGhostikyol.SedoyArsZeeqq
 Mamas Boys: Pajkatt, Hook, SexyBamboe, YapzOr, Saksa 
 Team Liquid: MATUMBAMAN, FATA-, MinD_ContRoL, JerAx, KuroKy