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HellRaisers in Numbers: Maksim «Shachlo» Abramovskikh

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This time we will talk about a HellRaisers.Dota player again. Please, meet Maksim «Shachlo» Abramovskikh, the hardliner of our team. Maksim was born on May 22 in 1992. And since 4 September 2015 he has been playing for HellRaisers.

Let's pass to the numbers:

  • During his career Maksim played 466 matches. 37 of them ran under the HellRaisers banners;
  • In the HellRaisers roster Shachlo won 21 matches and lost 16 ones;
  • The average GPM in all games within the HellRaisers team is 353, while XPM equals 366;
  • On average Maksim kills 142,5 creeps and has 3,5 denies;  
  • The average KDA is rather good, it equals 3,03;

  • His favorite hero is Clockwerk. It was picked in matches. This very hero also is the most high-performance (71,43% of wins with the 3,53 KDA)
  • In public games Maksim prefers playing Lone Druid 209 games with a 62% winrate and 3,48 KDA;
  • A record win streak in public games is 35 games;
  • Maksim likes the Radiant side — he won 52,7% of matches and has the 3,04 KDA. Playing for the Dire his winrate is lower a bit, it equals 44%, while the KDA is higher — 3,47;
  • The couriers may be afraid of Maksim, since he has already killed 109 of them;
  • 3074 is a number of stacks made by Shachlo in all matches;
  • His favorite position on the map is the hardline. Maksim made exceptions only 7 times: three times he played the easy line, three times he shared the hard line with a teammate and only once he tried himself as a roamer.

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