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HellRaisers.CS:GO Lost to Nostalgie

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Nostalgie @bo3
(4:16 @cache, 8:16 @inferno)

The first map started with a victory of HellRaisers in a pistol round, but they didn't manage to raise up that advantage — Nostalgie took a force-buy round and started a winning streak. HellRaisers did not manage to stop the rival and start to give orders themselves — at the side switching the score was 12:3 in Nostalgie's favor. In the second half the attack of HellRaisers did not go well from the beginning — they lost the first pistol round and thus decreased their chances to win. Nostalgie brought the map to a match point, lost one round to HellRaisers and ended up cache with the 16:4 score in their favor.

HellRaisers started the second map, which was inferno, on the attack side. During a long period of time HellRaisers would not find a key to the enemy's defense. As a result, HellRaisers took only three rounds on the first half. In the defense HellRaisers tried to fix the game, though their attempts were enough only for a pistol round. After it Nostalgie took a force-buy round again and got a victory in the whole match. Having lost this game, HellRaisers still have chances to reach the next stage of Uprise Champions Cup — to make it our five will need to win the future match against Vexed Gaming.

 Martin «STYKO» Styk's comment:

«We lost to Nostalgie. We are having hard times last month as nothing goes in our favour. Everyone is doing what we discuss but we lack of a better gamestyle. We are really bad and even writing these sentences is embarrassment for us, we can only hope for miracle at the start of the year ».

More information about the Uprise Champions Cup: Europe tournament may be found on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!