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HR.CS:GO Not Reaching EEPL Season 3

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Flipsid3 @bo3
(8:16 @mirage, 11:16 @overpass)

The first map was mirage. HellRaisers, after a victory in the knife round, started on the defense side. The first pistol round ended in our team's favor, and it was followed by three more ones. Flipsid3 managed to answer only in the fifth round, though they immediately seized the initiative and rapidly brought down the score. The round exchange had been carried out on the map by the side switching, which the teams came to having a minimum score difference in Flipsid3's favor. The attack of HellRaisers ran way worse — they managed to take only one round and the map ended with a loss for our squad and an 8:16 score.

An answer of HellRaisers was the overpass map, which started with a considerable advantage of the defense side, too — Flipsid3 took five rounds in a row and only on the sixth try HellRaisers managed to break the goose egg. Having found the key to the rival's defense, HellRaisers started to take points as fast as possible and ended the first half with a small advantage of a 9:6 score. The second half started with a lost pistol round, which let Flipsid3 level the score and even come forward. HellRaisers tried to adjust to the enemy's style and build up a strong defense, but our squad managed to do that only in one round. The second map ended with a 16:11 score in Flipsid3's favor. Having lost this match, HellRaisers lost a chance to reach the third season of ESL ESEA Pro League. 

 Martin «STYKO» Styk's comment:

«We lost to flipsid3 tactics at ESEA and now we are out of the league till the next season. We should take only motivation from this to be in the league in the future. We've played badly, made a lot of mistakes, miss buys etc. We definitely need to work on our setups because it seems like we failed to execute anything even though f3 was not aggressively antistrating us»

Cheer for HellRaisers!