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Failed Evening of HellRaisers

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  Revival @bo3
(16:7 @overpass, 6:16 @mirage, 12:16 @cobblestone)

The group stage of Global eSports Cup has already come to the end. The first rival of our team at the play-off stage was the Russian Revival team, who took the second place in the B group. The match started with HellRaisers' pick, the overpass map. Having taken the defense side, HellRaisers were showing a good game and taking all key rounds in the first half. Revival managed to take only two points that would almost guarantee a winning outcome for our five. After the side switching, that was carried out at the 13:2 score, Revival managed to brace up and took a few more rounds, though a full comeback didn't happen — HellRaisers pushed the matter through and ended the first map with the 16:7 score in their favor. 

The second map was mirage that is not the best one of our team for sure. In addition, HellRaisers started on the attack side, which is thought to be a weaker one for a reason. In general, the attack turned out to be quite good — HellRaisers took the needed five-point minimum and in a few moments were very close to take a round. The side switching gave Revival tone, that allowed them to build a firm defense and without any problems take six rounds, having lost only one. 16:6 in Revival's favor, and the teams were to find the strongest one on the third map.

On cobblestone our five started in the attack and took the first pistol round. They had managed to raise the gained advantage and take a few more key rounds before Revival started to resist. The end of the first half turned out to be quite intensive — a few rounds might have ended both in HellRaisers' and Revival's favor. This way or another, but at the side switching the teams had the 10:5 score in our five's favor. Having taken the defense side, HellRaisers seemed to lost the initiative — they took a pistol round, but after that Revival started to take a round by round and very rapidly brought down the score. When a temporary draw was set on the map, HellRaisers got a good chance to return the control over the map, but, unfortunately, they did not manage to implement it. As a result Revival somehow took a decisive for themselves round, came to the match point and won it as well. HellRaisers have had to finish their participation at the tournament. 

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev's comment:

«We did drop guard and lost the qualifiers for the tournament with the prize fund of $250,000. It is hard to say whose fault it is, it is rather a system problem».

Cheer for HellRaisers!